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Cleansing Vegan Recipes from Around the World

  • Oh She Glows

    Get Your Cleanse On with These Delicious Recipes

    Does the word "cleanse" send you into a panic? It doesn't have to. The fact is, you can enjoy delicious foods and detoxify your body at the same time. A cleanse doesn't have to mean starvation, cold food, raw food, tasteless meals, fasting, or even juicing. It can be a satisfying experience that doesn't involve hunger. Try these tried-and-true recipes from across the globe for a pleasant detox with foods and drinks you'll love!

  • Running on Veggies

    Mediterranean Rosemary Olive Bread

    If you're trying to detox, you may want to take a break from starch, specifically bread made with grains. This paleo recipe uses an ancient tiny root vegetable called a tiger nut as flour. Tiger nuts are packed with prebiotic fiber, which means that tiger nut flour nourishes your belly's good bacteria and can help you lose weight. With the added richness of olives and rosemary, you'll be in Mediterranean bliss!

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  • Nutrition Stripped

    Turmeric Milk

    Turmeric milk (or "golden milk") is a traditional Indian tea made with healing herbs and spices to ignite your digestive fire or "agni," as it's called in Sanskrit. This particular recipe calls for almond milk instead of cow's milk (which is believed to cause excess mucus and impede digestion). Two super roots used in this deliciously soothing drink, ginger and turmeric, are known for their anti-inflammatory benefits as well as for boosting digestion. Add just the right amount of cinnamon, black pepper, and coconut oil and you've got a healing potion sure to give your system a nice reset. If you want to make this recipe truly vegan, then swap out the honey with stevia for the sweetness we all crave. Think a hot chai tea without any of the added sugar or syrups. Yum!

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  • Oh She Glows

    Chia Seed Breakfast Bowl

    If oatmeal is your go-to breakfast, but you're looking for something a little lighter, or if tapioca and rice pudding are too starchy, give chia seed pudding a try! It's not only really easy to make, but it's also so incredibly satisfying. Chia seeds absorb the liquid they're placed in, making them both filling and hydrating. (Perfect for the summer months!) Chia seeds also pack a hefty punch of omega-3 fatty acids and fiber, so they're sure to get things moving for digestion.

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  • Young and Raw

    Vegan Kimchi

    One easy way to cleanse is through cultivating optimal gut health by ingesting probiotics. Kimchi, a fermented Korean side dish, is chock-full of probiotics and chilies to enhance immunity and cleanse your system. It can even make you sweat a little from all that spiciness. This vegan adaptation has all the cabbage-y goodness without the added fish (which tends to leave a funky smell throughout your home).

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  • Healing Lifestyles & Spas

    Cinnamon Baked Apples with Paleo Granola

    We all need a little fancy dessert in our lives! This easy-to-make treat from Brazil involves everyone's go-to fruit—apples! Don't turn your nose up. Apples have tons of belly-slimming fiber and are antioxidant powerhouses loaded with vitamins C and B6, which promote lower cholesterol levels. This recipe calls for paleo granola, some good-for-you nuts, and a touch of fruit juice instead of sugar to sweeten the deal.

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  • Vegetarian Times

    Gaeng Khae (Spicy Thai Vegetable Soup)

    When you're feeling under the weather, there's nothing like a bowl of hot, spicy soup to kick your cold. The ingredients and spices help you detox and raise your body temperature, which in turn helps you fight unwanted pathogens and even lose weight! The hotness of the soup plus the spiciness of the chilies can help you sweat impurities out of your pores, leaving you feeling better in no time. This medicinal spicy soup from northern Thailand not only has the chilies, but also greens and lemongrass to provide your body with even more nutritional superfoods.

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  • Oh, Holy Basil

    Ayurvedic Kitchari

    Ayurveda, yoga's "sister" science, originated in India as a form of alternative medicine that is now catching up to acupuncture in popularity. Kitchari is one of Ayurveda's quintessential cleansing foods. It consists of mung beans and an array of healing spices. It's extremely easy to digest, meaning minimal effort from your body to process. Sprinkle in the healing spices of mustard seed, cumin seed, cardamom, turmeric, and asafetida, and you're in for a seriously detoxifying culinary delight.

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