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Crazy-Creative Ways to Cook with Coffee

  • The Cooking Actress

    Coffee Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

    Sure, it's perfectly fine to pick up a pint for yourself once in a while, but chances are this recipe will have you dusting off your ice cream maker instead. Swap out whole milk for almond or cashew for a lighter treat. And feel free to toss in whatever you have in your pantry—like berries and dark chocolate chips—for a tasty way to get some extra antioxidants in.

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  • Obsessive Cooking Disorder

    Iced Coffee with Coffee Ice Cubes

    Here's a sneaky way to cheat the old one-cup-a-day recommendation. Make at-home iced coffee with coffee-flavored iced cubes. The best part? Unlike regular iced coffee, this one actually gets better as the ice melts.

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  • Natural Chow

    Mocha Hazelnut Granola Cereal

    For when you just can't with another bowl of overnight oats: This recipe is just as quick, not to mention really versatile. Cocoa and coffee combine for a rich-tasting crunch that's the perfect morning start. Have it a bowl with a splash of milk or just eat it by the handful.

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  • What Jew Wanna Eat

    Cardamom Coffee Beet Salad

    This salad is salty, sweet, and smoky all in one bite thanks to pine nuts and a drizzle of coffee-yogurt dressing. The beets not only add great texture but come packed with immune-boosting properties, too.

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  • Drizzle and Dip

    Coffee and Spice Rub Salmon Tacos

    Coffee rubs on meat is nothing new, but trying it on your fish is a must. Grind together with spices like cumin and chili for a rub that's ready to be paired with taco staples like salsa, veggies, and a squeeze of lime.

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  • Sugar Mama Cooks

    Coffee Banana Smoothie

    Whether you're looking to fuel your workout or just make it through that morning meeting, this smoothie has a little something for everyone. It's thick, creamy, and pumped up with a little protein—plus it has a kick of caffeine to help you get going.

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  • Amy's Healthy Baking

    Clean Raspberry Mocha Brownies

    At just 80 calories a pop, these fudgy brownies let you indulge in something sweet without it being so sinful for your waistline. Make the base of the batter by combining Greek yogurt with coffee—it's a simple source of calcium and protein that'll have you believing brownies are the next superfood.

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  • Sunny Side Ups

    Coffee Spice Grill Rub

    Have a batch of this low-calorie marinade ready to go for those nights when you're looking for a quick dinner you can throw together without a second thought (or endless scrolling through your go-to bookmarked recipe sites). Want a rub with a real kick? Add a little extra cayenne to bring the heat out of the kitchen and onto your plate.

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  • The Casual Craftlete

    Coffee Yogurt Parfait

    Make over your morning yogurt by sandwiching it together with granola and espresso beans. This super-fast parfait that will leave you feeling peppy until lunch.

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