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Pass the Veggies: 9 Vegetable Smoothie Recipes You've Gotta Try

  • Treats With a Twist

    Green Vegetable Smoothie

    This vegetable smoothie from Treats With a Twist is chock-full of cucumber, carrot, celery, spinach, and avocado.

    Get the recipe: Treats With a Twist

  • Delightful Adventures

    Berry Beet Ginger Smoothie

    The gorgeous color of this vegetable smoothie comes from a blend of beets and berries. Delightful Adventures ups the fiber content by adding chia and hemp seeds.

    Get the recipe: Delightful Adventures

  • The Kitchy Kitchen

    Spinach Smoothie

    Claire from The Kitchy Kitchen calls this recipe "The Best Smoothie Ever." With its savory blend of spinach and cucumber along with jalapeño, cilantro, and mint, we can see why.

    Get the recipe: The Kitchy Kitchen

  • Happy Food, Healthy Life

    Green Superfood Smoothie

    Holly from Happy Food, Healthy Life says, "You drink a smoothie like this and just feel the vitamins radiating through your body." When you try this blend of fresh fruits and vegetables—all green, of course—you'll see what she means.

    Get the recipe: Happy Food, Healthy Life

  • Spa Bettie

    Maple Kabocha Smoothie

    Carrot and kabocha squash mix with maple syrup for a sweet and savory smoothie sure to please your taste buds.

    Get the recipe: Spa Bettie

  • The Dabblist

    Morning Green Smoothie

    This vegetable smoothie packs a serious antioxidant punch with spinach, kale, and coconut water.

    Get the recipe: The Dabblist

  • The Blender Girl

    Spicy Vegetable Smoothie

    You can always trust a blogger with a name like Blender Girl to come up with a new twist on a classic. The cayenne pepper added to this green smoothie has just the right amount of kick to get your morning started. For more smoothie ideas, get her book now.

    Get the recipe: The Blender Girl

  • iFood Real

    Superfood Green Smoothie

    Spinach, cucumber, and kale are the rock stars of this vegetable smoothie recipe. Blend in apple for some sweetness and you might even forget you're drinking kale.

    Get the recipe: iFood Real

  • The Green Forks

    Chocolate Cauliflower Smoothie

    It may look (and taste) decadent, but there's an entire vegetable serving hidden in this smoothie. Cacao powder and dates make this creamy concoction perfect for dessert or whenever your chocolate cravings hit.

    Get the recipe: The Green Forks