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Smoothie Recipes Loaded with Winter Superfoods

  • Boys Ahoy

    Pomegranate Smoothie

    Pomegranate not only keeps your heart healthy, a glass of it has more antioxidants in it than red wine (sad, but true). Keep your defenses at the ready this winter with this smoothie that helps protect against diseases like cancer and Alzheimer's.

    Get the recipe: Pomegranate Citrus Smoothie

  • May I Have That Recipe?

    Blood Orange Smoothie

    Fiber-packed blood oranges have a big perk for sweater weather: They help aid in weight loss. Blend this winter breakfast smoothie together and bust into bikini season without stress this year.

    Get the recipe: Winter Breakfast Smoothie

  • The Kitcheneer

    Kale Smoothie

    Kale is the Beyoncé of the leafy green world. Take advantage of it in its peak season with this winter green citrus smoothie. Low in calories and high in vitamins, folate, and magnesium, it's the one smoothie staple that can start your day out on the right foot.

    Get the recipe: Winter Green Citrus Smoothie

  • Kitchen Sanctuary

    Maca Smoothie

    Don't let short, dark winter days stick you in a season-long slump. Maca powder helps boost both your energy and mood, making this smoothie the perfect pick-me-up treat.

    Get the recipe: White Chocolate Coconut Hot Smoothie

  • Peace Love Quinoa

    Cranberry Smoothie

    It's easy to feel lost in the berry department once strawberry and blueberry season has run its course. But blending cranberries into your smoothie is an easy way to bulk up your breakfast. Toss some in with this Winter-y Berry and Kale Smoothie to help keep your blood pressure low and improve your urinary tract health.

    Get the recipe: Winter-y Berry and Kale Smoothie

  • My Fussy Eater

    Clementine Smoothie

    You already know that citrus fruits are a must for a strong immune system, but clementines are a great source of calcium, too. Make this for strong bones, just in time for ski season.

    Get the recipe: Sunshine Orange Smoothie

  • Whitney Bond

    Blackberry Smoothie

    Low in calories but high in antioxidants, blackberries can also aid in tightening skin tissue—an easy way to make your skin look younger as the winds pick up. See for yourself.

    Get the recipe: Immunity-Boosting Orange Berry Smoothie

  • Recipe Runner

    Green Tea Smoothie

    This smoothie will help you start your day with immunity-boosting green tea. Sorry, coffee.

    Get the recipe: Raspberry Green Tea Smoothie

  • Detoxinista

    Ginger Smoothie

    Not only is ginger a proven stomach soother, it has a warming effect and helps stimulate circulation. Make this juice before bundling up for an easy (and healthy) way to get toasty from the inside out.

    Get the recipe: Immunity-Boosting Carrot-Ginger Juice