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Smoothie Recipes

Sick of the same ol' smoothies? Mix it up with these (creative!) healthy smoothie recipes, with fruit, kale, peanut butter and more.

When your stomach starts growling at 10:00 a.m. or you find yourself feeling weak after your workout, you may be running low on protein.

When you're looking to slim down, look no further than the mighty smoothie. These super-simple weight-loss smoothies pack protein and flavor, so you won't feel deprived. Let's get sipping.

Juice and smoothies are great, in moderation. Before you commit to juicing 24/7, learn how an all-liquid diet can wreck your weight-loss efforts—and long-term health.

Anyone can throw a random assortment of foods into a blender.

As delicious and good-for-you as smoothies can be, it’s possible to make them even better with some interesting add-ins that intensify flavor and boost nutrition.

Smoothies worth getting out the blender for.

You don't need to hire a personal chef (as if!) or resign yourself to starvation to get bikini-ready. All you need is a blender.

The Food Network star preps the ingredients of this breakfast drink in advance for a quick meal on the go.

It's easier getting into shape when you're rockin' out to supercool music.