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Refreshing Iced Tea Recipes Perfect for Summer

  • Wholly Rooted

    Caffeine-Free Hibiscus Iced Tea

    This gorgeous pink drink gets its flavor from a mix of dried and fresh herbs, including hibiscus and ginger, steeped for 15 to 20 minutes. This tea is caffeine-free, but you can swap in some green tea if you need a midafternoon jolt.

    Get the recipe: Caffeine-Free Hibiscus Iced Tea

  • Peas and Peonies

    Cherry Kiwi Iced Tea

    A glass of this iced tea bursts with fruit flavor, thanks to frozen cherries, fresh lemon, kiwi, and mango. Bonus: Mint leaves make this herbal drink even brighter.

    Get the recipe: Cherry Kiwi Iced Tea

  • Lemons for Lulu

    Blackberry Basil Iced Tea

    This cold-brew tea couldn't be easier to make. Steep your favorite tea bags overnight with fresh berries and basil leaves, and the next day you'll have the ultimate low-calorie refreshing treat.

    Get the recipe: Blackberry Basil Iced Tea

  • Indian Kitchen

    Mango Iced Tea

    Blended mango adds sweetness to your favorite black or green tea. You can add sweeteners and spices if you want, but one sip of this recipe and you'll see that it's perfect as is.

    Get the recipe: Mango Iced Tea

  • Self Proclaimed Foodie

    Wind Down Spa Iced Tea

    No time for a relaxing getaway at a spa? This cup of tea, with soothing flavors of lavender, sage, and chamomile, will make you feel like you're lounging in a plush robe even if you're actually just standing in your kitchen.

    Get the recipe: Wind Down Spa Iced Tea

  • Oh She Glows

    Iced Vanilla Bean Matcha Latte with a Twist

    This creamy green drink made with matcha green tea powder looks like a milkshake, but it's guilt-free, filled with antioxdants—what milkshake can say that? A vanilla bean and a hint of maple syrup add sweetness that tops this drink off. (Try 8 More Drinks to Take Your Matcha Tea to the Next Level.) 

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