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Need a New Veggie Burger Recipe? 10 That Will Change Your Life

  • Holy Cow Vegan

    Veggie Burger Recipe: Beet Burger with Chipotle Cashew Hummus

    For a meatless option that's good to grill, look no farther than Holy Cow Vegan's beet burger. Rather than shredding or pureeing the root vegetable, you'll slice it into big "steaks" that can be sautéed or placed on your barbecue.

    Get the recipe: Holy Cow Vegan

  • Happy Healthy Life

    Veggie Burger Recipe: Sweet Potato Burger

    If you dig a crunchy crust on your patties, Happy Healthy Life's panko-coated sweet potato and white bean burgers will satisfy. Complement the crisp with creamy, hunger-quashing avocado.

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  • The Awesome Green

    Veggie Burger Recipe: The Ultimate Veggie Burger

    "Greedy" could not be a more perfect word to describe The Awesome Green's stellar sandwich recipe. How can you even think about the missing meat when you're biting into a vibrant quinoa and beet burger that's topped with sweet potato fries and an avocado-tahini dressing?

    Get the recipe: The Awesome Green

  • Minimalist Baker

    Veggie Burger Recipe: Baked Falafel Burgers

    Greek food fans will quickly fall for Minimalist Baker's chickpea patties. Serve one on a lettuce leaf, stuffed inside a pita, or sandwiched between a couple slices of whole wheat bread.

    Get the recipe: Minimalist Baker

  • Vegan Sandra

    Veggie Burger Recipe: Bean and Zucchini Cutlets

    Mashed kidney beans, summer squash, and onion mimic the texture of real meat in these vegan burgers.

    Get the recipe: Vegan Sandra

  • Half Baked Harvest

    Veggie Burger Recipe: Epic Crispy Quinoa Burger

    You have our permission to skip slaving over sides when you serve these over-the-top quinoa, egg, and sweet potato sammies.

    Get the recipe: Half Baked Harvest

  • Simply Quinoa

    Veggie Burger Recipe: Tex-Mex Quinoa Burger

    Grilled corn lends complex smokiness to these bean, oat, and seed burgers. If the weather isn't cooperating, whip out your indoor grill pan for a similar effect.

    Get the recipe: Simply Quinoa

  • Oh She Glows

    Veggie Burger Recipe: The Umami Burger

    A splash of soy sauce gives these veggie burgers just as much umami as their beef counterparts. Follow Oh She Glows' lead and use oat flour, rather than whole oats, for patties that don't turn into pellets.

    Get the recipe: Oh She Glows

  • Kitchen Treaty

    Veggie Burger Recipe: Spicy Black Bean Sliders

    Who needs White Castle when you can grill up spicy sliders at home in just 20 minutes? These small burgers pack a big flavor punch.

    Get the recipe: Kitchen Treaty

  • Peas and Crayons

    Veggie Burger Recipe: Mexican Veggie Burger

    Lentils, refried beans, and black beans join forces to create a flavor fiesta in these avocado-topped burgers. We're pretty sure the taco aioli would taste just as good straight off a spoon.

    Get the recipe: Peas and Crayons