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12 Spiralizer Recipes That Will Change the Way You Think About Dinner

  • Iowa Girl Eats

    Spiralizer Recipes: Greek Cucumber and Arugula Salad

    Channel summer vacation with this fresh, summery salad. Gather nearly everything you need during your weekly farmers' market trip.

    Get the recipe: Iowa Girl Eats

  • The Plant-Strong Vegan

    Korean BBQ Zoodle Stir-Fry Bowl

    The combination of crunchy Brussels sprouts and creamy avocado is tough to beat. Plus, the dish is surprisingly low in sodium.

    Get the recipe: The Plant-Strong Vegan

  • Tales of a Kitchen

    Spiralizer Recipes: Carrot Pasta

    Far from rabbit food, these carrots are coated in a tasty tahini and tamari dressing. Top it with grilled chicken, shrimp, or steak to make it a meal.

    Get the recipe: Tales of a Kitchen

  • Inspiralized

    Spiralizer Recipes: Crunchy Miso Beet Rice

    Spiralized recipes quickly become rice recipes rather than noodle ones with a whirl in the food processor. This 138-calorie bowl could be the start to a delicious dinner, or to the day (breakfast upgrade, anyone?).

    Get the recipe: Inspiralized

  • Urban Poser

    Spiralizer Recipes: Raw Noodles with Raw Asian Pesto

    Keep your kitchen cool and toss together this no-cook pasta recipe. Feel free to substitute another seasonal vegetable like carrots, turnips, or even broccoli stems for the summer squash.

    Get the recipe: Urban Poser

  • Proud Italian Cook

    Spiralizer Recipes: Butternut Squash Noodles

    Pro tip learned from this "heaven on a plate" recipe: Roast spiralized vegetables before blending them with the other ingredients to keep them fork-tender, just like a well-prepared noodle dish.

    Get the recipe: Proud Italian Cook

  • The Londoner

    Spiralizer Recipes: Slutty No-Carb Pasta

    You need to read the fun story behind this putanesca's name (link below) as much as you need to take a bite from the tomato-topped bowl.

    Get the recipe: The Londoner

  • The Healthy Maven

    Spiralizer Recipes: Crispy Baked Curly Fries

    Talk about fast food! These figure-friendly fries require just 10 minutes of prep work before a quick bake in the oven.

    Get the recipe: The Healthy Maven

  • The Little Leopard Book

    Spiralizer Recipes: Turkey and Sweet Potato Casserole

    When it's covered with well-seasoned turkey and gooey fresh mozzarella, you'll swear the spiralized sweet potato is spaghetti.

    Get the recipe: Little Leopard Book

  • Lexi's Clean Kitchen

    Spiralizer Recipes: Hearty Bolognese

    Paleo dieters or protein fiends will go wild for this beefy low-carb pasta dinner. Just make sure you don't serve it with unlimited breadsticks.

    Get the recipe: Lexi's Clean Kitchen

  • Snixy Kitchen

    Spiralizer Recipes: Ginger Zucchini Noodle Egg Drop Soup

    Cut the fat but not the flavor in this egg drop soup that's loaded with mushrooms for even more filling fiber—and satisfying umami flavor.

    Get the recipe: Snixy Kitchen

  • Feasting on Fruit

    Spiralizer Recipes: Apple Tartlets

    When a dessert is overflowing with fruit, you should go back for seconds, right?

    Get the recipe: Feasting on Fruit