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Pasta with Tomato Sauce: How to Make It Better, Faster

We've all been there: You worked late, you're hungry and low on energy, and all you've got in your cupboard is some dried pasta. Don't order takeout just yet, ladies. We've got a recipe that'll turn your last-resort dish into one you'll want to cook multiple times a week. It's called pasta with tomato sauce. Heard of it? This one's better than the stuff you made in college.

Craig Stoll, chef and co-owner of Delfina Restaurant in San Francisco, is here to show you how to upgrade the classic pasta dish, so you can make it both simpler and better, every time. All you need is pasta, garlic, cheese, tomatoes, basil, a touch of salt, and 15 minutes of prep time—stuff you probably have in your kitchen already. Thanks to the super-quick prep time, it'll still be the easy meal you need after a long day—or before an endurance workout. We're looking at you, marathon runners.

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