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Easy Freekeh Recipes You Can Make Tonight

  • What's Gaby Cooking

    Freekeh Recipe: Almond and Parsley Pesto

    Crunchy, zesty, and satisfying, you'll want to move this dish to the front of your recipe book. Trust us, it won't be long before you're ready to make it again.

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  • Well Plated

    Freekeh Recipe: Butternut Squash Salad

    Butternut squash, kale and cranberries: These are a few of our favorite things. Toss in the freekeh and you've got one nutrient-packed, delicious dinner that the whole family will be happy with.

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  • Food Wanderings

    Freekeh Recipe: Brussels Sprouts, Apple, and Dried Cranberries

    Fruit for dinner? Yes, please. A bit sweeter than your typical after-work meal, this dish is still light and clean—perfect for days you splurge on heavier lunches.

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  • David Lebovitz

    Freekeh Recipe: Artichoke Risotto

    Artichokes are bursting with antioxidants and have been shown to help lower bad cholesterol. Go ahead, grab seconds.

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  • The Lemon Bowl

    Freekeh Recipe: Tahini, Chickpeas, and Pomegranate

    Pomegranates are antioxidant powerhouses that lower cholesterol and blood pressure, and the added flavor will have you wondering why you've ever settled for hummus and carrots.

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  • Suzy Karadsheh + The Mediterranean Dish

    Freekeh Recipe: Cranberry Apple Stuffing

    Who says stuffing is only for Thanksgiving? This recipe will have you making new traditions.

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  • Little Leopard Book

    Freekeh Recipe: One Pot Vegan Mexican Freekeh

    Consider this freekeh recipe proof that there's more to Mexican plates than quesadillas and tacos. Feel free to add cheese if you aren't vegan.

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  • Stetted

    Freekeh Recipe: Chicken and Brussels Sprouts

    This protein-packed meal may soon become your post-workout go-to. Sorry, plain grilled chicken breast.

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  • Oh My Veggies

    Freekeh Recipe: Zucchini and Pistachio Salad

    Pistachios add an element of crunch to this super simple dinner dish (seriously: there are only two steps).

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  • Food to Glow

    Freekeh Recipe: Lebanese Fig Salad

    Figs are rich in potassium, which is essential for muscle growth and function, and a sweet complement to freekeh.

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  • Scandi Foodie

    Freekeh Recipe: Kale Soup

    Ancient grains don't always need to be your meal's base. You can toss freekeh into soup for some variety—we love this one because it uses vitamin-rich kale.

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  • Vegan Miam

    Freekeh Recipe: Vegan Curried Salad

    The vitamin-packed sweet potato makes the dish extra satisfying without sacrificing the greens you need.

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  • Sarah's Cucina Bella

    Freekeh Recipe: Roasted Vegetable Bowl

    Make this freekeh recipe for dinner tonight and bowl up the leftovers for tomorrow's lunch (what's left, that is).

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