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3 Easy Steak Recipes You Can Make Any Night Of the Week

If you normally wait for a fancy night out to enjoy some steak, these three beef recipes will totally change your game plan. They're healthy, easy, and done in just about 10 minutes. And while beef gets a bad rap for being high in fat, it's a great source of protein, iron, and B vitamins—plus it actually doesn't raise LDL (the "bad" kind of cholesterol).

Say goodbye to ruined dinner plans because you forgot to marinate hours ahead of time! These beef recipes use homemade rubs and marinades (with about five ingredients each) that you can slather on the meat before you throw on the grill. The first recipe for Sesame Beef uses soy sauce, sesame oil, and sugar for a flavor twist perfect for tossing into stir-fry, serving alongside some bok choy, or topping an Asian salad. The other two recipes use only spices and herbs, the healthiest way to add flavor without adding fat or sugar. Try the Southwestern Steak on its own, in some tacos, or in a beef and bean wrap (the perfect solution for leftovers). Serve the Herbed Steak with some homemade sweet potato fries for a healthy-yet-classic steak frites dish. Can't pick just one? They all require the same cook time: Grill on high heat for 5 to 6 minutes per side. So you can whip up one of each, throw them on the grill together, and have three flavorful options done in just 10 minutes.

Watch the video for the full recipes and give them a try. You may just want to find steak a place in your weekly lineup.


Lauren Mazzo

Lauren Mazzo is a digital assistant editor for Shape and Fitness. She's an Ithaca College alumna, a Rochester, NY, native and an NYC transplant.  More →

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