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10 Healthy Mug Recipes You Can Make in Minutes

  • Southern In-Law

    Mug Recipes: Single-Serve Brownie

    Say hello to a rich, gooey dark chocolate brownie that has a secret sweetener: maple syrup. This recipe from Southern In-Law is perfect for those days when you just need a chocolate fix—and since it has no added fat or refined sugar, we won't tell if you add a scoop of ice cream.

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  • Vegan Richa

    Mug Recipes: Chocolate Cream Berry Fireworks Pie

    This mug recipe from Vegan Richa requires a longer wait before digging in, but it's well worth it. A twist on enjoying a healthy warm-weather classic of yogurt and fruit, this pie adds in chocolate and freezes the yogurt to give your taste buds a real fireworks show.

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  • Three Clever Sisters

    Mug Recipes: Microwave Polenta

    Mug recipes aren't only for dessert. This dinner dish from Three Clever Sisters eliminates the tedious work behind the creamy Southern staple with just a few minutes in the microwave. Whether you enjoy in a mug or bowl is up to you, but if you're enjoying it solo—maybe with a few sautéed mustard greens, as shown—we say have some fun and go for the mug.

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  • Running to the Kitchen

    Mug Recipes: Chocolate Hazelnut Mug Cake

    Hazelnut lovers, rejoice: This mug recipe from Running to the Kitchen will make you weak in the knees after five minutes of prep time. For an even tastier bite, Gina recommends dropping an extra spoonful of hazelnut butter into the center of the batter before microwaving—it'll turn it into a lava cake-like center that oozes pure food ecstasy.

    Get the recipe: Running to the Kitchen

  • Chocolate Covered Katie

    Banana Breakfast Cake

    Start your day on a sweet note with this low-fat recipe that clocks in under 100 calories—including the streusel topping. Add Chocolate Covered Katie's Healthy Glaze Icing to the top to take it to "I'll have one every day this week" territory.

    Get the recipe: Chocolate Covered Katie

  • Lauren's Latest

    Mug Recipes: Cinnamon Maple Breakfast Quinoa

    You likely consider quinoa a mainstay in your dinner rotation, but this quickie microwave recipe from Lauren's Latest will convince you to make it a morning meal. "It's a blank canvas and I treat it similarly to oatmeal," says Lauren. "Nuts, sliced fruit, and a drizzle of maple syrup is just perfect."

    Get the recipe: Lauren's Latest

  • Healthy Aperture

    Mug Recipes: Tart Cherry Nutty Mug Cake

    If muffins are what you love, try this mug recipe from Healthy Aperture for a breakfast with less sugar than your average bakery favorite. The tart cherries add a zing to your morning bite—and topping it with a dollop of Greek yogurt will give a punch of protein to help keep you full until lunch.

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  • Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom

    Mug Recipes: Omelet in a Mug

    Savory dishes deserve a spot in your mug, too. This egg recipe from Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom only takes two minutes of your time and is completely customizable to the ingredients you already have in the fridge.

    Get the recipe: Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom

  • Paleo on a Budget

    Mug Recipes: Paleo Mug Cake

    You only need a handful of ingredients—only six are on this shopping list—to make a dairy-free cookie for one. You could be generous and share with a Paleo-friendly BFF, but it's so good we doubt you'll want to share.

    Get the recipe: Paleo on a Budget

  • Full Thyme Student

    Mug Recipes: One-Minute Quiche

    If oatmeal just isn't doing it for you anymore, take a weekend staple and add it to your daily routine with this mug recipe from Full Thyme Student. "Just crack an egg in a mug, and add anything else you want to it, like bread, cheese, tomatoes, and ham," says Daisy. If you really want to cut down on time, make your mug of ingredients the night before, refrigerate, and pop in the microwave while you brew your cup of coffee.

    Get the recipe: Full Thyme Student


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