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Healthy Desserts

Yes, you can have dessert! And with these low-calorie options, guilt-free never tasted so good.

Just because you're trying to eat healthy doesn't mean you can't have dessert. Here, our picks for the best, healthiest dessert recipes.

Hint: It's a top way for vegans to get more protein.

I mean, why wouldn't it show up in the creamy summertime treat?

It doesn't get any easier (or more delicious) than this. 

Make sure you have one of these base ingredients and you're golden.

These recipes for matcha holiday bark will make the ultimate healthy and festive treat to tote to any holiday party.

Vegans and dairy-eaters alike will enjoy these sweet treats around the fire this season.

Greek yogurt is the perfect ingredient swap in some of your favorite desserts—you won't even notice the sugary stuff is missing

Pumpkin desserts

With fall kicking into gear, pumpkin desserts are cropping up on menus and tables everywhere.

Whole grain oats can do a lot more than just fill up your bowl for breakfast—they're packed with satisfying fiber and can offer up more nutritional value than a typical sugar-loaded dessert.

Citrus has never looked so decadent.

Because peanut butter makes the world go 'round.

Step aside chocolate lovers—vanilla is making a comeback in these creative, vegan, vanilla-infused recipes! Smoothies, cake batter fudge, vanilla cherry "nice" cream, and more.

Savor the flavor of summer with these simple swaps to upgrade your ice cream sandwich before the season ends!