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Your Fruit Salad Recipe Guide

  • Natasha's Kitchen

    Fruit Salad with Orange Poppy Seed Syrup

    Perfect for either a party appetizer or dessert, the syrup drizzled on top of this salad adds a sweet finish and helps prevent your fruit from browning, so it stays fresher, longer.

    Get the recipe: Natasha's Kitchen

  • Rubies and Radishes

    Paleo Coconut-Lime Fruit Salad

    Make a melon-packed fruit salad with chunks of honeydew and a DIY dressing that combines coconut milk, basil, and lime juice for a creamy, citrus marinade.

    Get the recipe: Rubies and Radishes

  • Iowa Girl Eats

    Mojito Fruit Salad

    This salad gives you the same mojito taste (without the headache later). This fruit salad recipe is a great way to use up leftover watermelon from the weekend, too.

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  • Foodie Crush

    Berry Fruit Salad

    Filled with a barrel of berries, mint, and fresh citrus, mixing this salad together takes just minutes, not to mention tastes way better than the puny, pre-packaged stuff.

    Get the recipe: Foodie Crush

  • Peanut Butter Fingers

    Tropical Fruit Salad

    Change up your cubicle lunch with this fruit salad recipe that's stocked with hearty greens. Thanks to juicy clementines and quite possibly the best dressing combo we've ever heard (citrus goat cheese!) one bite will transport you to an island getaway, just when Friday seems oh so far away.

    Get the recipe: Peanut Butter Fingers

  • Rachel Schultz

    Secret Fruit Salad

    We're happy to spill the beans on this one. This fruit salad recipe calls for dry instant vanilla pudding sprinkled on top, which is basically the equivalent to dusting sunshine and rainbows all over it. You're not going to want to share.

    Get the recipe: Rachel Schultz

  • Cooking Classy

    Rainbow Fruit Salad

    Honey and lime juice are a tasty tag team. Drizzle the dressing on top or leave it on the side for some dipping action.

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