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15 Clean Eating Recipes for Breakfast

  • The Countryman Press 2015

    Clean Eating Breakfast Recipes: Mixed Berry Cobbler Smoothie

    This smoothie from Mimi Kirk, author of The Ultimate Cookbook of Modern Juicing, is filled with healthy fats and serves a serious dose of antioxidants to boot. Just make sure you opt for homemade cashew milk or organic milk and choose fresh fruit over frozen to steer clear of added sugars.

    Get the recipe: Mixed Berry Cobbler Smoothie

  • Clean Eating Breakfast Recipes: Marinara Poached Egg

    If you crave sweet over savory, this recipe is right up your alley. Toss the jarred stuff and make a simple marinara sauce by pulsing a couple of tomatoes with a hand blender and swap the pita for your go-to whole grain.

    Get the recipe: Marinara Poached Egg

  • Clean Eating Breakfast Recipes: Roasted Veggie Frittata

    Now this is a good egg: a recipe that's pretty to look at and even better to eat! Peppers, zucchinis, and onions are the perfect trio for a colorful frittata that will fuel you up without making you feel stuffed. Swap out cooking spray for a dash of olive oil to make sure your eggs don't stick to the pan.

    Get the recipe: Roasted Veggie Frittata

  • Romulo Yanes

    Clean Eating Breakfast Recipes: Almond Banana Spice Smoothie

    Tofu adds a silky texture on top of tons of protein. But If you'd rather skip soy, swap it out for another 1/2 cup of milk.

    Get the recipe: Almond Banana Spice Smoothie

  • Clean Eating Breakfast Recipes: Strawberry Banana & Flax Smoothie

    Ground flaxseed is an all-star seed—it adds a light, nutty flavor to your morning smoothie and fights to curb cravings throughout the day. Choose organic milk over soy.

    Get the recipe: Strawberry Banana & Flax Smoothie

  • Clean Eating Breakfast Recipes: Egg in a Ring

    In a hurry? This recipe takes less than 5 minutes to make, so you don't have to resort to a calorie-laden muffin or other quick fix from the coffee shop. Just be sure to choose a bread with sprouted grains.

    Get the recipe: Egg in a Ring

  • Clean Eating Breakfast Recipes: Blueberry & Toasted Almond Muesli

    Throw the ingredients in this breakfast bowl together (save the toppings) and then let it sit overnight for a thick, creamy muesli that will power your morning from first bite. Toss with almonds and blueberries for an added crunch that's full of antioxidants.

    Get the recipe: Blueberry & Toasted Almond Muesli

  • Oh She Glows

    Clean Eating Breakfast Recipes: Heavenly Carrot Cake Baked Oatmeal

    Remember that cupcake we mentioned earlier? Consider this the next best thing. Natural sweeteners and whole grains let you get the same carrot cake taste while keeping this recipe from Angela at Oh She Glows completely clean.

    Get the recipe: Heavenly Carrot Cake Baked Oatmeal

  • Gluten-Free on a Shoestring

    Clean Eating Breakfast Recipes: No-Bake Granola Bars

    Nicole of Gluten-Free on a Shoestring sidesteps refined sugar in her grab-and-go granola bars by adding a natural source: coconut palm sugar.

    Get the recipe: No-Bake Granola Bars

  • Running to the Kitchen

    Clean Eating Breakfast Recipes: Sweet Potato Waffles

    When breakfast is chock-full of spices, almond and coconut flour, you'll dig in without worrying about feeling lethargic and bloated an hour later. (You can also use mashed bananas, if you don't have sweet potatoes.)

    Get the recipe: Sweet Potato Waffles

  • Breakfast Criminals

    Clean Eating Breakfast Recipes: Pumpkin Papaya Acai Bowl

    Pile your bowl high with this recipe from the bloggers behind Breakfast Criminals. Slimming superfoods like acai and maca boost your skin, mood, and energy levels. Customize yours by topping it with your favorite fruit and nuts. Swap almond milk for homemade cashew milk.

    Get the recipe: Pumpkin Papaya Acai Bowl

  • Peter Ardito

    Clean Eating Breakfast Recipes: Banana-Nut Breakfast Cookies

    Some mornings, you just need a cookie (or two). Scratch that itch without derailing your diet with this recipe. It's packed with flat-belly foods like nuts, whole grains, and fruit.

    Get the recipe: Banana-Nut Breakfast Cookies

  • Peter Ardito

    Clean Eating Breakfast Recipes: Mushroom and Spinach Strata

    Get the whole gang on a clean eating spree by serving up this protein-packed dish for your next group brunch.

    Get the recipe: Mushroom and Spinach Strata

  • Peter Ardito

    Clean Eating Breakfast Recipes: Warm Honey Oats

    Rolled oats mixed with tart pear will help you get your fill of fiber for the day. They make this ooey, gooey bowl worth repeating.

    Get the recipe: Warm Honey Oats

  • Peter Ardito

    Clean Eating Breakfast Recipes: Baked Eggs with Herbs

    Using pre-portioned ramekins for this egg dish helps you control your serving size without a second thought.

    Get the recipe: Baked Eggs with Herbs