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Easy, Healthy Breakfast Recipes

Healthy recipes for breakfast, including egg recipes, brunch recipes, and simple meal ideas and on-the-go options for busy mornings.

Brunch is what makes weekends great, but the food options aren't always the healthiest. Here's how dietitians hack the menu.

Matcha is trendy for a reason: It has major health benefits, plus it's pretty enough for a morning Insta. 

Store-bought granola can be high in added sugars and unhealthy fats, adding major calories to your day.

These indulgent smoothies may taste like your favorite desserts, but they're actually good for you!

Inexpensive and nutrient dense, eggs are a healthy, easy-to-prepare protein source—and they're great for any meal of the day.

Pancakes often feel like a once-a-month brunch indulgence. They're fried in butter, drowned in syrup, and occasionally filled with chocolate. Not anymore!

Maria Marlowe gives her healthy take on our favorite breakfast treat.

Grab the ingredients you need, then make this yummy DIY granola at home.

When the weekend rolls around, you can be sure they'll be pancakes on the menu (or at least on your mind).

Registered dietitian Deborah Tagliareni explores why our childhood favorites have lost their star power in favor of trendy and on-the-go breakfast options.

Until recently, eggs got a bad rap because of their cholesterol content.

Everyone loves a great pancake recipe for breakfast. But these simple quinoa pancakes can make your morning that much healthier.

Tired of the same old pre-race breakfast? Take inspiration from marathons runners from countries across the world like Germany, Spain, and England to find new ways to fuel up.  

Your health and fitness goals for the coming year and a delicious brunch are two things that don't seem like they'd work well together, but hear us out.

Christmas morning isn't just any morning, so we found 10 Christmas breakfast ideas that are more than just your average toast and jam.

Feelin' hungry by 11 every morning? Add more protein to your breakfast to stay satisfied longer.

Just because McDonald's is now serving all-day breakfast doesn't mean you should trade your healthy breakfast for a calorie-laden biscuit. Get ready to start lovin' these breakfast sandwiches.