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You know your body needs vitamins. But here's your guide to the vitamins you need each day, what it means to have a vitamin deficiency, whether you should take vitamins and more.

It's time to start meeting the daily recommendations for this vitamin.

If the last vitamin you took was in the shape of a Flintstones character, walking into a vitamin shop or just perusing the supplement aisle at your drugstore can be pretty overwhelming.

Busy schedules, travel, and impromptu happy hours make it difficult to eat healthy 24/7. Find out how to keep up with these commonly missed nutrients.

Fiber may not be your favorite topic ever, but try telling that to your digestive tract—especially if you're one of the many women who aren't reaching the daily fiber requirement.

Everyone raves about the health benefits of probiotics. But should you be taking probiotic supplements, or can you get enough from food?

"Vitamin C plays an essential role in maintaining good health," says Balz Frei, PhD, a leading vitamin C researcher and director of the Linus Pauling Institute at Oregon State University in Corvallis.

Whether you recently got a not-so-great haircut, or your strands seem to hit a certain length and then refuse to grow any longer, waiting for hair to grow is like watching paint dry.

Taking vitamins to stay healthy seems like a no-brainer. But new research has found that supplements aren't the magic bullet we've been led to believe.

You need a cup of coffee to wake up, but it might interfere with your multivitamin. Here, expert advice on how to down your multi.

Learn what you miss when you skip your daily supplements, and how to pick the right multivitamin for your health.

Check out the workout playlist this R&B singer listens to when she hits the gym instead of the stage.