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Meditation can promote inner peace, stress relief and healing. Learn how to meditate, watch meditation videos and find relaxing music.

It only takes 15 minutes to re-center after the holiday craziness.

Here's why—and how everyday athletes can make it work for them, too.

Mindfulness gurus share the two-minute techniques that will help you zap stress wherever you are.

Release all forms of negative energy with this super-short, easy meditation.

When paired with meditation, mindfulness can protect against anxiety, pain, and depression. Turns out, there are benefits to living in the moment, too.

Not everyone can get away for their own Eat, Pray, Love-esque trip whenever they start to feel their nerves begin to fray.

Feeling the stress of a crazy day? All you need is 5 minutes (seriously!) to totally reset and relax. This guided meditation with breathing exercises will get you back to a happier place, stat.

Does sitting alone in a quiet room while trying to avoid your own thoughts sound intimidating? Don't panic. Meditation is easier than you think, and the benefits are plenty.

We took a peek at the man of steel's iPod for the right mood music for working your booty off. Download his workout playlist here.

Mindful meditation is a powerful tool to help you reduce stress and live in—and appreciate!—the moment. And it's easier than you think to get those benefits all day long.

We've all heard how good meditation is for your mental and physical health. If you're curious about meditation but not sure where to start, we'll teach you how to meditate.

Whether you want to meditate, pray, or do yoga exercises in your home, a space set aside can help make the activity a relaxing ritual.

Yes, and there's no chanting required, we swear. Just you, a few minutes of peace and quiet, and instant stress relief. Here's why you need to give meditation a try.