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10 U.S. Olympic Hotties in Sochi

  • Harry How/Getty Images

    Tim Burke, Biathlon

    Kicking butt at one event isn't enough for this guy, so of course he competes in biathlon (cross-country skiing and rifle shooting). Burke could make U.S. history if he medals in the sport, and with that game face, we wouldn't mind letting him take the lead on the dance floor, either.

  • Harry How/Getty Images

    Evan Lysacek, Figure Skating

    We're already envisioning dates at the local ice pond, holding hands and falling into Evan's arms when we "accidentally" trip.

  • Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images

    Ryan Kesler, Ice Hockey

    He may be known for aggressive play on the ice, but this three-peat dad checked his smart mouth because he wants to set a mature example for his kids. Nothing makes us swoon more than a bad boy turned family man.

  • Harry How/Getty Images

    Max Pacioretty, Ice Hockey

    It's impressive when a guy decked out in hockey pads still manages to look good, but strip Max down to his suit and we're handing over our number immediately.

  • Harry How/Getty Images

    Chris Mazdzer, Luge

    In a season full of baggy pants and oversized jackets, we're thankful for the sport of luge. Why? Two words: skintight suits. And Chris, there's one word for yours: Rawr.

  • Harry How/Getty Images

    Seth Wescott, Snowboarding

    If anything, this slick snowboarder knows how to win both medals and hearts: he's the only man to claim the snowboard cross gold since the sport's debut in 2006, and he co-owns The Rack, a restaurant and bar in Sugarloaf, Maine. A man who cooks and pours a mean cocktail? Done.

  • Chelsea Lauren/Getty Images

    Shaun White, Snowboarding

    The two-time gold medalist sequestered himself to train on a private 300-foot half-pipe in Australia, and we demand he come out of hiding. With abs sure to be as hot as his hair, we doubt he'll have trouble landing on the podium again.

  • Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

    Eddy Alvarez, Short Track Speedskating

    Oh Eddy, your enthusiasm for nabbing a spot in the Games slays us. Let's hope he gets this excited about mint chocolate chip ice cream (we hear it's his fave), too.

  • Harry How/Getty Images

    Shani Davis, Long Track Speedskating

    The two-time defending champ only needs 1,000 meters to make a lasting impression. That explains why his smile is racing into first place for "guy who gives us butterflies."

  • Alexis Boichard/Agence Zoom

    Bode Miller, Alpine Skiing

    With his athleticism, cute side smirk, and enthusiasm for helping those with disabilities (he became heavily involved with the Paralympic Movement through "Gateway to Gold" after a childhood friend was paralyzed in a car crash), Bode is a triple threat on our hearts.

    Originally published on, January 2014.