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Kendra Wilkinson Gets Real About Post-Baby Stretch Marks and New Motherhood

Following in the footsteps of models like Robyn Lawley, Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett was the latest celeb to proudly display her post-baby stretch marks for the world to see. For Mother's Day, she posted the below selfie with a smile on her face, showing off her stomach in a sports bra. She captioned the pic, "Look what my 2 babies did... They make me happy."


Despite having received over 9,000 comments from other moms praising her for 'keeping it real' and encouraging women not to feel embarrassed or ashamed of these 'marks of joy', Kendra removed the photo from her Instagram two days later. While there's no word yet on why she deleted the photo, we seriously hope this has nothing to do with haters. (Sigh.)

As a former Playboy model, Wilkinson may have been known for her killer abs, but her post-pregnancy stomach clearly proved just as inspirational to her followers. In a society so caught up with how quickly a woman can bounce back to her 'pre-baby body' as if she didn't carry a child around for nine months, she shed light on an aspect of being a new mother that rarely receives much attention: Coming to terms with major changes to your body. To boot, she showed that yes, you can actually being happy and proud of your post-pregnancy stomach—stretch marks and all. (Equally inspiring: Why One Mom Is Showing Off Her Stretch Marks in These Gorgeous Photos.)

Wilkison had also posted a second now-deleted photo, throwing back nearly two years to the week her daughter was born. "Happy mastitis day. Ooops I meant Mother's Day!!" she captioned the photo. (Mastitis is an infection of the breast tissue that causes inflammation, pain, and swelling and affects ten percent of breastfeeding women.)

Sure, she might look a lot less happy in this one, but it also gives a very real snapshot of the emotionally and physically exhausting process of giving birth and breastfeeding. While every woman who's gone through childbirth will surely tell you that the immediate aftermath it isn't all flowers and sunshine, it's another aspect of becoming a new mom that's often glazed over.


While Wilkinson did leave up two super cute photos (one with her son and one with her daughter) that she posted from Mother's Day, we wish she had kept up the less-glamorous portrayals of motherhood that we don't often see. Sure, it's not always pretty, but based on the sheer number of 'likes' and positive comments she received, clearly it's the stuff women need more of.


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