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10 Inspirational Fitness Quotes to Get You Through Your Workout

  • Myra Krieger-Coen

    The Will to Succeed

    There's a reason Gandhi's words are considered wise. No matter how many years pass, they always makes sense. Tape this to your treadmill so you can read it next time you need to get through a series of intervals.

  • Myra Krieger-Coen

    No Regrets

    What's the worst that can happen? You'll fail? That's okay—you just have to get up and try again.

  • Myra Krieger-Coen

    One Foot in Front of the Other

    If you're a newbie to running—or any workout, really—this fitness quote is the reminder you need to just keep going. Baby steps will always get you somewhere.

  • Myra Krieger-Coen

    Never Give Up

    You made the goal for a reason. Don't disappoint yourself.

  • Myra Krieger-Coen

    Act Like a Champion

    This fitness quote reminds us of one thing: There's always competition lurking around the corner. Don't let them beat you.

  • Myra Krieger-Coen

    No More Couch Potatoes

    If you don't think this fitness quote is true, try this test: Next time you're lacking motivation, tell yourself you only need to run for 10 minutes. That's it. We bet that once you get going, you'll run longer. It's all about that first step.

  • Myra Krieger-Coen

    Take A Chance

    Nobody wants to stay stationary in life, whether that's in their personal life, workout routine, or career. There's only one thing to remember: No risk, no reward.

  • Myra Krieger-Coen

    Cross the Line

    There's no listening to Johnny Cash and his "Walk the Line" advice when it comes to your workout. Cross it with determination and see what awaits at the finish line.

  • Myra Krieger-Coen

    Time to Thrive

    Let the Terminator Pump. You. Up.

  • Myra Krieger-Coen

    Mix It Up

    Only those who refuse to move forward fail. We know you're not one of them.


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