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Fit List: The Best of 2014

  • Anthony Cunanan

    Top Gym Trend

    Winner: Fusion Classes

    Why do one workout when you can do two—or more? Combining or, um, fusing, different-styled workouts was your bread and butter this year, although hopping around different studios—thanks to companies like ClassPass—and hitting up your local box for a CrossFit WOD were a close second. Here, some of our favorite fusion routines:

  • Favorite Way to Crank Up the Cardio

    Winner: Interval Training

    You've got the need for speed, and intervals helped you push the pace in 2014. When you're not breaking race records, we could find you in rowing classes for a workout like this, or getting dirty at a mud run. For your next PR, we suggest these routines (treadmill boredom—see ya!):

  • Interview Magazine

    Best #BodyLove Moment

    Winner: Keira Knightley

    The actress agreed to pose topless for Interview magazine under one condition: no Photoshop allowed. Get it, girl! Follow in the star's steps and use social media to boost your body confidence through the New Year.

  • Best Celeb Body

    Winner: Lupita Nyong'o

    Kim K may have tried to break the Internet, but it didn't faze those suffering from serious #armenvy, thanks to Lupita rockin' every red carpet. That's just one of the many reasons the stunning actress was named PEOPLE's Most Beautiful Woman of the Year, and the celebrity bod you envied most this year (although J-Lo's wasn't far behind). To work on your own guns, try these 6 quick exercises.

  • Sarah Bonk

    Favorite Superfood

    Winner: Coconut Oil

    Whether you're cooking with the stuff, using it to banish breakouts or giving oil pulling a try, it's safe to say you're obsessed with the hottest oil of the year. Get creative with these 10 things you're not doing with coconut oil, but should. Other superfoods taking up space in your kitchen: kale (have you made chips out of it yet?) and chia seeds.

  • Kenji Toma

    Hottest Health Trend

    Winner: GMO-Free Foods

    Keep genetically modified what-have-yous out of your kitchen! That, or companies need to at least give a heads up when they're messing with your food. You don't mind adding probiotics to your diet, though—especially in drink form.

  • Workout Song of the Year

    Winner: "Shake It Off," by Taylor Swift

    While we're not surprised T-Swift took this top spot (which one isn't she claiming?), the blonde bombshell—yes, we saw the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show—had some fierce competition. Apparently y'all like feeling "Fancy" while you sweat, as Iggy Azalea's hot beats pumped through your earbuds on the reg, too. Refresh your playlist with more top tunes—chosen by you, of course.

  • American Ninja Warrior

    Top Pop Culture & Sports Moment

    Winner: #MightyKacy

    Good things come in small packages. You loved watching five-foot athlete Kacy Catanzaro become the first-ever female to qualify for finals on American Ninja Warrior, and we totally did too. While she didn't make it through the finals course, she set a strong tone for female competitors—two more women qualified later in the season, and we're sure there are plenty more to come.

  • Nick Ferrari

    Greatest Gear Trend

    Winner: Trackers

    There's no denying it: 2014 was the year of activity trackers. From fashionable Fitbits to sleek watch and necklace monitors, keeping a close eye on steps, calorie burn, and sleep was all the rage. See how to make them work to your advantage and find your best fit.

  • Wildest Workout Wear

    Winner: Printed Leggings

    Bye-bye basic black, you're so 2013. This year was all about adding fun fashion back into your workout clothes. But why stop at your bottom half when strappy sports bras look just as cute? Oh yeah, you did that too. To stay on top of the trends, see how to work Pantone's color of 2015, marsala, into your next outfit.


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