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These Badass Women Just Broke 20 Fitness Records In One Day

As part of a Guinness World Record-breaking event, amazing athletes from all around the globe got together to break 44 Guinness World Record titles over a 24-hour period. The events were powered by Reebok as a part of the launch for their new CrossFit Nano 7 shoe.

Held in New York, Los Angeles, London and Sydney, twenty of the records were broken by women including CrossFit star Camille Leblanc-Bazinet, five-time Crossfit Games champion Kara Webb and two-time CrossFit Games champion Annie Thorisdottir.

Also among the competitors was avid CrossFitter Max Greenfield, known for his role as "Schmidt" on New Girl—and 10-year-old Milla Star, who made the news for completing and obstacle course designed by Navy SEALs last year. During her attempt, she tried breaking the record for most burpees in one minute and unfortunately didn't succeed. That said, she definitely gave it her all, melting several hearts in the process.

Some notable record holders include Eirik Lundstein for most barbell backflips in 1 minute (yes, that's a thing), Leblanc-Bazinet for most consecutive muscle ups (45), Stacie Tovar for most weight lifted in an overhead squat in three minutes (6,042 lbs), Becca Voigt for most wall ball squats in three minutes (92) and Michelle Kinney for most weight lifted by Atlas Stone in three minutes (3,080 lbs).

The Reebok CrossFit Nano 7 is in stores now and retails for $129.99.


Faith Brar

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