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Would You Work Out in a Gym Without Mirrors?


Walk into any gym and you'll likely see wall-to-wall mirrors. Chances are, you have a love-hate relationship with them. On the plus side, mirrors are crucial to helping you perfect your form. On the not-so-plus side, they can be the source of self body shaming. To stop the latter and put an end to the voices inside your head, Blink Fitness just launched a program called "Monday Without Mirrors."

Every Monday for the month of June, a selection of the company's 50-plus locations around New York and New Jersey will cover up its mirrors. Instead of seeing a reflection, exercisers will spot inspirational phrases like "Do It For the Mood, Not Just the Mirror." The goal is to push you to focus on how the workout makes you feel—and not what you look like while you're doing it. So rather than thinking about how your armpit fat looks in your curve-hugging tank, you'll be forced to think about how strong you feel when you get to that last rep of your bicep set.

Of course, without mirrors it'll be more challenging to keep your form in check. Whether you're giving the no-mirror workout a try at Blink Fitness or stepping away from the mirrors at your own gym, be sure to pay extra-close attention to your body alignment. Check out what not to do for a primer.