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The Underwear Ad That Will Actually Make You Feel Inspired

There's nothing real about your average underwear ad. The lighting is way too perfect, the bodies reflect anything but what we normally see in the mirror, and those effortless waves? Uh, yeah. Not so effortless.

So we get it if you generally flip the channel or the page when you come across some of these ads, but Jockey's new campaign might have you doing a double-take.

The 140-year-old underwear brand launched its Show 'Em What's Underneath ad campaign this week, featuring three real—albeit extraordinary—people who are rocking it IRL. There's Lisa Cusimano, who followed in the footsteps of her father and two brothers and became a firefighter and first responder; Chris Van Etten, a U.S. marine vet who lost both of his legs (and his best friend) during an explosion in Afghanistan; and Michael Cottone, a new father who adopted 5-month-old Vincent after he and his wife faced difficulties getting pregnant.

The ads and the accompanying videos set out to show what's underneath, both literally (hello, cobalt blue hipsters!) and on a more raw, emotional level. Consider us inspired.