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Surprising Secrets About Women and Swimsuits

  • Denise Crew

    1. About one in four women...

    ...don't trust anyone to tell them honestly if a swimsuit looks good on them.

  • James Devaney/Wire Image Contributor

    2. If Justin Timberlake invited them to a beach party, 36 percent of women...

    ...would turn him down flat because they don't feel they're in good enough shape.

  • 3. The #1 asset women look forward to flaunting... the beach? Their cleavage, said 40 percent.

  • iStockPhoto

    4. One in five women...

    ...say they'd be up for going to a nude beach!

  • Michael Biondo

    5. Forty-three percent of women...

    ...would give up Facebook forever if they could have a body like a swimsuit model's. Another 23 percent would give up their cell phone...but only for a year.

  • iStockPhoto

    6. More than 80 percent of women...

    ...would rather go to the beach with a friend who has a perfect bikini body than go with a snap-happy-and-post-the-pics-promptly Facebook friend.

  • iStockPhoto

    7. Four out of five women...

    ...say they'd rather be a toned size 10 than a size 2 with no muscles.

  • Getty Images

    The #1 celeb bikini body women want... Jennifer Aniston's. The full results:

    Jennifer Aniston: 37 percent

    Jennifer Lopez: 27 percent

    Beyonce: 20 percent

    Cameron Diaz: 11 percent

    Gwyneth Paltrow: 6 percent