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10 Reasons You Should Vow to Love Your Body This Year

Because Amy Schumer
Kim Kardashian has been deemed the Internet-breaker, but little in 2015 caused quite a fuss like the funny lady's naked photo taken by Annie Leibovitz for a calendar. How she described the snapshot: "Beautiful, gross, strong, thin, fat, pretty, ugly, sexy, disgusting, flawless, woman. Thank you, Annie Leibovitz!" We agree with items 1, 3, 6, 8, 10, and 11, no doubt.

Because you'll set a good example for your daughter.
Many past studies have focused on the way a mom's hang-ups can harm her daughter, but this year, things flipped to a more positive view. The five easy ways you can teach the next generation to be body-proud, according to Israeli researchers:
1. Filter which body image thoughts you share.
2. Share information about eating disorder risks.
3. Affirm that her body is beautiful as-is.
4. Explain how to criticize negative external images/messages.
5. Turn the spotlight on health and happiness rather than size.

Because it's time to make like Selena and reframe those extra lbs as #moretolove.
Skinnier isn't better. Pop star Selena Gomez reminded us of that when she shot back at body shamers with a sexy Instagram post, captioned "I love being happy with me yall. #theresmoretolove." Fans commented back with stories about overcoming eating disorders and being inspired by her love-me-as-I-am attitude. (She's at a healthy weight, for crying out loud!) 

Because you'll fully accept the mantra "Haters gonna hate, hate, hate."
Whether you're larger or smaller than you'd like to be, or just right à la Goldilocks, as long as you accept yourself as A-OK, you'll be less affected by "anti-fat" messages and images, says Eating Behaviors research. Bonus: You'll maintain your self-esteem and mental health better than if you allow the negativity to creep in. Feeling a little iffy? Here are 13 ways to guarantee you never have a low-confidence day again.

Because it will help make Mother Nature your BFF.
Strange but true: Higher self-esteem is linked to more body confidence and increased feelings of connection with the natural world, says a soon-to-be-published Body Image study. The more at peace you are with yourself, the more at peace you feel with your surroundings and the universe as a whole. We know it sounds New Agey, but chances are this will reduce stress and make you more easy-going, too.

Because you can find better uses for your money than a waist trainer.
Take a breather: 2016 is the year that we finally begin to wise up and cut the cord on the trend that Kim Kardashian and Jersey Shore star Snooki have promoted on their Instagram pages. The truth is, corsets can harm your normal digestive processes and, if anything, only shift the fat around from one body location to another. So shift your mindset and strip off that too-tight lace-up top!

Because you don't need to be skinny to be fit.
Ronda Rousey. Amanda Bingson. Need we say more?

Because it will improve your overall quality of life.
Your feelings about your body originate in your heart and brain cells, but they overflow into nearly every other area of your life. In fact, if you believe you are beautiful, you're less likely to be stressed about getting "fat," you'll spend less time nitpicking every little thing, and, as a result, you'll experience a fuller life, reports the International Journal of Eating Disorders.

Because confidence transcends size.
And it makes you more likely to treat your body well. (You take care of things you respect, right?)

Because no one turns 90 and wishes, "Wow, I wish I'd eaten less chocolate."
Life is short. Blow out the candles, put on your crown, and eat the damn cake.