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Kayla Itsines Proudly Shows Off Her Stretch Marks On Instagram

Kayla Itsines is one of the biggest names in the fitness world right now and has changed countless lives through her influential Beach Body Guide (BBG) program. A huge promoter of self-love and body-positivity, the Instagram star recently stripped down and got real about her stretch marks.

"This one is for the ladies asking me if I have stretch marks anywhere, yes I sure do." she wrote alongside a photo of herself baring her tiger stripes. "And if any of my friends or family are on here you know how much I love them!! I am a woman, and I am proud to be one and have these marks!"

It's always amazing to see influential people in fitness get candid about their bodies. Anna Victoria and Emily Skye have done the same in the past, encouraging women to embrace their own bodies.

"Some of us won't have any at all, some will have them just like me, and others will be completely different," Kayla continued to say about stretch marks. "We all have them, mine are on the sides of my legs.... for now...I'm sure when I decide to have some babies, I'll get some more — but hey, #thisisme! My beautiful bubba will be so much more important than a few lines on my bod!"

Thanks for keeping it real, Kayla.


Faith Brar

Faith is an Associate Digital Editor at Meredith Corporation in Boston. Her work has appeared in Fitness, Shape, Better Homes & Gardens, More and others.  More →

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