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Amy Schumer Meets Aphrodite In Viral Post Challenging Modern Beauty Standards

A psychology major for the University of West Georgia recently posted a picture of one of our favorite comedians, Amy Schumer, alongside a statue of the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite. The images bear a striking resemblance, with both Schumer and Aphrodite posing with their backs hunched over, causing their stomachs to form rolls.


A photo posted by Whitney (@whitneyzombie) on


"So many women and young girls are shamed by the media and fashion industry for not having a flat stomach and not being a size zero. But look, the goddess of beauty is portrayed here with stomach rolls and doesn't have a perfectly smooth, toned body", the student shared in her Instagram post, which now has over 27,000 likes.

Even Schumer herself gave the post some validation, sharing the post with all of her Twitter followers.

The takeaway is simple: Society's perception of beauty seems to have devolved drastically over the years. This picture is a simple, yet beautiful reminder that a woman's body was once accepted for its natural beauty—so let's get back to that, shall we?


Faith Brar

Faith is an Associate Digital Editor at Meredith Corporation in Boston. Her work has appeared in Fitness, Shape, Better Homes & Gardens, More and others.  More →

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