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Body Image

How you feel about your body affects your outlook on the world. Learn more about how your body image and self-concept can help — or hinder — your self-esteem.

And no, it has nothing to do with Kendall Jenner.

In the past decade, psychologists have become increasingly concerned with a certain type of "picky eating."

Because body positivity starts with you 

Shape is leading a body-positive campaign that's all about feeling proud of and confident in your body, no matter what your shape or size.

The celeb talks about body image in Hollywood, plus how she feels about being called 'curvy'

Ask fitness professionals how working in the industry has changed their lives, and they'll pretty much all tell you it's a different game once you're behind the scenes.

Recent studies have linked social media use to body image dissatisfaction and depression. Should you be concerned?

Think "bikini bridges" and thigh gaps, but all this requires is a piece of paper.

Popular gym chain Planet Fitness is leading a new effort to reduce bullying in schools.

One woman finds that working out with a plus one for nine months is a big lesson in self-appreciation

Common myths, major signs, and when and how to seek help for eating disorders, according to Dr. Mary Pritchard, Ph.D., psychology professor at Boise State 

While recovering from anorexia, I gained some necessary lbs and some much-needed perspective.

Find out how lifting heavy helped one former cardio addict gain self-confidence, a better perspective on what fitness means, and—oh yeah—a butt.

Broken bones; healed spirit. One woman shares how a car accident pushed her to make huge strides toward recovery from an eating disorder she struggled with for years.

The number-one resolution in the world is to get fitter, sure, but the first step to getting your body right is to get your brain right.

If you have regular dates with the drive-thru and not enough dates with the gym, your health will suffer, of course.

"Regular exercise and physical activity, especially aerobic exercise, improves the speed, efficiency, and accuracy of cognitive functioning by improving attentional focus and concentration," says Scot