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Test Your Fiscal Fitness: Are You Financially Fit?

  • Peter Ardito

    Fitness vs. Finance

    More than two-thirds of women would rather be happy, healthy, and fit for life than never have to worry about money again.


    This or That

    More than a quarter of women would rather spend their money on a fave weekly gym class than dinner out. Only 14% of men would choose the gym over a restaurant.

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    Monthly Dues

    40% of women have just enough money to pay their bills every month.

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    Home Economics

    4 in 10 women say they control the finances at home.

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    Spare Change

    If they got a tax refund:

    45% would use it to pay bills.

    31% would save it.

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    Big Spenders

    1 in 3 women say they are more frugal than their guy. Men are more likely to admit that they're spenders. (We knew it all along!)


    Money Woes

    No argument here: Money is the number-one thing that women and men say they fight about with their partners.

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    3 Easy Ways to Save Big Bucks

    Track your spending.

    Logging the dollars you shell out every day will help you make better decisions and avoid impulse buying, says Farnoosh Torabi, a contributor to Yahoo! Finance and the host of Yahoo's Financially Fit. She recommends Bundle, a free app and website that helps you keep tabs on your expenses.

    Make a deal.

    At least once a year, call your cable, cell phone, and car and home insurance companies to ask for a better rate. "Say, 'I've been with your company for X number of years, and I'm shopping around. What can you offer me?'" Torabi suggests. "Companies will negotiate because it's a lot less expensive for them to retain a current customer than to bring on a new one."

    Watch out for sneaky bank fees.

    Banks have recently instituted new charges — including higher maintenance fees on checking accounts, charges for making a deposit using your smartphone, and fees for teller transactions — that can cost you as much as $1,000 annually, Torabi says. Check out, which lets you comparison shop for the best banks in your area.

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