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Pregnant ESPN Star Claps Back at Haters for 'Vulgur' Comments About Her Job and Appearance

ESPN star Samantha Ponder is handling haters like a pro. Currently expecting her second child with San Francisco 49ers quarterback Christian Ponder, the 31-year-old sideline reporter was recently subjected to harsh criticism online for her appearance and her job.

Twitter trolls attacked the young mom after Sports Illustrated reported that she might be replacing Chris Berman on Sunday NFL countdown.

But rather than letting the comments get to her, the young mom took to Twitter to shut down the trolls once and for all.

"Getting sexist/vulgar tweets abt my job/appearance while I'm unable to see my own feet & covered in toddler pee is somethin' else I tell ya," she wrote on Twitter.

Her optimistic approach to ant awful situation was appreciated by her fans who were quick to share their support.

Props to celebs like Sam Ponder who aren't afraid to speak out against online harassment. Hopefully, with time, that will contribute to a more #woke society.


Faith Brar

Faith is an Associate Digital Editor at Meredith Corporation in Boston. Her work has appeared in Fitness, Shape, Better Homes & Gardens, More and others.  More →

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