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5 Reasons Morning People Are Awesome

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    You'll Rock It at Work

    Those who hop out of bed without hitting the snooze button a trillion times approach their careers with a more hands-on attitude. Researchers at the University of Education in Heidelberg, Germany, found that night folks tend to be more creative, but the early birds usually have advanced problem-solving skills. Those same skills also meant that morning people were the ones who anticipated problems and minimized them before they became bigger issues—all desirable traits in a candidate for a top position at work. Sounds like the makings for a promotion, dontcha think?

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    You'll Be More Reliable

    If you find yourself procrastinating and often missing deadlines at work, or find yourself a little moodier than you—and your partner—would prefer, then you might want to consider waking up earlier. According to a study by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, nighttime people are less reliable, less emotionally stable, and more likely to have addictions (eek!). So instead of planning a late-night date night to that comedy club every weekend, suggest getting together for a morning run or grabbing breakfast before you head to the office.

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    You'll Be More Alert

    Scientists at the University of Alberta found that an early bird's brain is more excitable, and thus more alert, at 9 a.m., perfect for professionalistas. Those who function better post-cocktails, however, reach their brain peak at 9 p.m—not such a great time for banging out assignments or crafting the perfect presentation. And according to research at the University of Toronto, morning people tend get more sleep than their late-night counterparts (thanks, Netflix binge), resulting in more awareness, a healthier immune system, and a more positive outlook about their day-to-day activities.

    Good news: You can shift when your brain peaks by slowly changing when you get up and when you go to bed. For a week, go to bed 10 minutes earlier and wake up 10 minutes earlier (no snoozing!). The next week, add 10 more minutes. Research shows that over time, you can become a morning person, change your habits, and reap the job-promoting, health-boosting benefits.

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    You'll Stress Less

    If you're constantly running around, trying to get a billion things done and wondering why there isn't more time, take a step back and re-evaluate. Are you really making the most of your day? A study at the University of London found that those who greeted the day by 7:00 a.m., on average, had a lower chance of being stressed, depressed, and overweight. So even if you think that extra 30 minutes of sleep will help you feel rested for your midday presentation, it may be doing the exact opposite. Bounce out of bed and review your notes instead to help you feel fully prepared.

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    You'll Lose More Weight

    If the thought of bikini season is making you anxious, hit up a Zumba class before work rather than after. Studies show that working up a sweat in the early hours of your day speeds up your metabolism, helping you burn more calories throughout the day, resist junk-food cravings, and reach for healthier options. For an even bigger burn, take a walk outside while you enjoy that post-workout green juice. A new study from Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine found that people who enjoyed being outside in the morning—even in the winter—had lower BMIs than those who stepped outdoors later in the day.