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Flight Forced to Return to Airport Because of Man In Downward Dog—Yes, Seriously


We're definitely into yoga over here—in fact, we've got an entire Guide for Beginners, complete with workout ideas, in-depth pose explanations, cute mats to buy and more. And there's no doubt downward dog is one of our all-time favorite poses: Not only can you modify it to suit your yoga level, but it's also great for your health, as it improves digestion, builds strong muscles and improves your posture, among other things. So basically, downward dog is pretty much always a good idea. Except when you're on a plane.

According to reports from the Associated Press, a United Airlines flight headed to Japan was forced to return to the airport in Hawaii last week after a passenger refused to get out of downward dog. Hyongtae Pae originally walked to the back of the plane to meditate and practice some yoga (that is a pretty long flight, after all). But that was just as meal service began, and you know how strict those flight attendants can be during meal service, right?

After being repeatedly asked to sit down and get out of the pose, Pae refused—and reportedly turned violent, harrassing both passengers and the flight crew. Guys, that's not what yoga is about! Ultimately, his threats led to the flight being rerouted back to Honolulu, and federal charges are being held against Pae. While Pae reportedly took up yoga recently for anxiety, his mile-high yoga faux pas is a reminder to everyone to be mindful of your surroundings before you decide to om.