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Feel Your Best

Working out and eating right are as much about feeling good as they are about looking good. We've got tips to help you maximize your healthy lifestyle and feel your best.

Hospitals are reporting a spike in births almost exactly nine months after the World Series.

We all feel down from time to time—here's how to reset and turn over a more positive leaf.

Leading a healthy lifestyle not only makes you feel great, but it also helps your brain stay young. 

The playful practice of acrobatic yoga shined a light on everything wrong in my relationship.

The swimming organization banned former Stanford swimmer Brock Turner for life following sexual assault charges.

It's running season and everyone is storming the streets like every day is race day. If running isn't your thing, but you're chasing the dream of that runner's high (it's real!), don't worry.

Finding the bright side doesn't mean faking happiness.

Find out when dedication turns dangerous

Hint: It's not the same items for everyone

The yoga pose is supposed to reduce stress, but the yoga pose caused such a stressful situation on this flight, it actually had the plane rerouted.

Fostering greater happiness in your life is simpler than you may have imagined—and you probably already have the tools for making it happen.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) isn't about having a clean room and organized planner. One woman explains what it's REALLY like, and offers treatment tips for those who can relate.

The fitness guru made the big proposal on her E! reality show to her long-time girlfriend Heidi Rhoades.  

The transition from winter to spring always seems to take an eternity. Mother Nature plays with our heartstrings by teasing us with a warm, 60-degree day and then scattering snow a few days later.

Regular sweat sessions can have major benefits not just on your mind and body, but on your relationship too.