Make this your healthiest year yet by joining our Make Healthy Happen Challenge January 5-30. You'll eat better with our 500-calorie dinner menus, move more with our free workout plans, and lose weight by tracking your meals and workouts with Lose It! to get points and win prizes.

Week 4 Workout

Take It Off Workout

In this allover firming session, you do higher reps to challenge your muscles and keep up a fast-paced tempo so you melt more calories.

Week 3 Workout

Tighten It Up Workout

You'll trim all over, sizzle fat, and still have plenty of gas left in your tank to crush it next week.

Week 2 Workout

Better Body Plan Part 2

Looking for a body jump start? Dive in here. Done with Week 1 of the challenge and back for more belt cinching? Ditto.

Week 1 Workout

The Better Body Plan: 8 Moves to Drop 10 Pounds

You've got a goal. We've got the way to nail it. Drop up to 10 pounds in four weeks with this peel-it-off workout plan.