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This New Smart Pillow Uses Music to Lull You to Sleep

When you were a kid, a little soft music was probably the best trick your parents used to get you to sleep. Now, a new smart pillow is bringing the lullaby back into your life in the coolest way possible.

Zeeq, perhaps the world's first-ever smart pillow, can "play music to help you fall asleep, monitor and react to your snoring, analyze your sleep and intelligently wake you up," says the brand's Kickstarter page. The pillow is embedded with multiple sensors to track movement and eight different speakers that sync to your phone's playlists or one of the pillow's preset lullaby lists. And the best part? It plays at just the right volume to surround you with sound but without bothering your bed buddy.

smart pillow

But while the music is cool, the pillow also offers some exciting health features. The Zeeq pillow can supposedly sense which part of your sleep cycle you're in and rouse you gently (no loud alarm required) at the optimal time (based on your REM cycle), making for a gentle, happy start to your day. If you've ever experience insomnia, you probably know all there is to know about REM cycles, but if you're one of those lucky people who falls asleep the second your head hits the pillow, REM is basically your internal deep-sleep to wake schedule that is fine-tuned to help you fall asleep and rise at the right time for your body. (Did you know that The More Time You Spend In Bed the Less You'll Actually Sleep?)

Zeeq also measures factors like your sleep duration and quality, helping you optimize your sleep patterns. It will even tell you if you snore and if so, it will gently vibrate to get you to cut it out before you wake your bedmate up, too.

The Kickstarter campaign has already raised nearly a quarter of a million dollars to help fund the manufacturing of this potential miracle pillow, and it should be on the market next year. The Zeeq pillow will cost you $149 if you buy one during pre-sale, and $199 if you wait until it hits the shelves. (For some sleep help you can do right now, try this 8-Minute Yoga Workout for Better Sleep.)