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The Get to Sleep Guide

Are you constantly tired? Learn more about why you're not getting the rest you need, plus how you can get to sleep faster and stay asleep longer.

Try this 5-move yoga routine to relax your body and mind before sleep. The best part? Each pose can be done in bed!

We have 30 days of simple tips that will soon make mornings your fave time to sweat—in the least painful way possible (promise!).

The wearable tech can make getting in the habit easier than you think.

Try these tips for getting your brain to finally quiet down.

Now that we have your attention, here's why you should never bother with pajamas again.

The ZEEQ uses new technology to improve every aspect of your sleep

It's normal for your appetite to be out of whack when you're sleep-deprived. Here's what to eat to keep going without resorting to that 3pm frappucino.

Insomnia? Getting out of bed might help you finally fall asleep.

Professional athletes should probably be sleeping the best of all of us—after all, they're basically getting paid to be healthy. So why does a new study show that they have more sleep problems?

A new study explains the "first-night effect" and what it means for your sleep pattern in a new place.

The practice can help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer by dimming the body and brain.

And how you can get on track for a more restful night.

Consistently missing out on quality shut-eye?

Think you have some sleep apnea symptoms? Know this: Sleep apnea is a sleeping-related breathing disorder—the upper airway actually collapses as you breathe in and out.

Go from post-workout pump to sleep status with the playlist that's scientifically proven to get you there.

Forget the age-old eight-hours-a-night rec. Here's how to determine the optimal amount of sleep your body needs—down to the exact minute.

If you really want to sleep better, you need to do more than just relax before bed. Find out how to sleep better at night, starting from the very moment you wake up.