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You Won't Believe What This Fit Mom Looks Like Two Days After Giving Birth

Giving birth to new life is a magical, wonderful thing. (Let's face it, women basically have superpowers.) But lately, super fit moms-to-be are surprising everyone with the incredible thinsg they can do with their bodies while pregnant. Like, say, maintaining a visible six-pack or deadlifting 200 pounds even after the baby's due date.

But this mom is stunning everyone with how she looks after the birth of her second kid; just two days after her daughter, Evie, was born, Sia Cooper of the blog Diary of a Fit Mommy posted this selfie of her post-partum body, saying: "I'm super soft and swollen a bit, but it's incredible what our bodies are capable of."


You've guys been asking for a postpartum photo so here it is. I'm super soft and swollen a bit, but it's incredible what our bodies are capable of. I birthed two babies with this body and gained 30lbs with each one. Though my body is not 100% the same nor will it ever be, I'm thankful for what it's done for me and my family. If you take good care of your body, it'll take good care of you, too. I stayed fit throughout my entire pregnancy simply by eating clean in moderation and following my own prenatal workout plan. As for a postpartum plan, I will be completing my Fit For Life plan once I get the green light to go in a few weeks. For all plans, click the link in my bio. BDA Nursing Bra: @bellybandit

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Cooper continued to work out throughout her pregnancy, doing cardio and weight lifting five days a week. She even credits weighted squats with helping her birth Evie in just two pushes, according to her interview with People. (In case you're wondering, we have an expert's opinion about how much exercise during pregnancy is too much.)

She detailed on her blog how her workouts changed throughout her pregnancy. During her first trimester, she limited box jumps and HIIT and anything that risked her getting hit in the belly. In the second trimester, she said she had extra energy to burn and went back to her HIIT and CrossFit routines, but started to nix ab-specific exercises. In her third trimester, she said she did a lot of cardio, weight lifting (although with lighter weights than pre-prgnancy), walking, ball exercises, and yoga. And, as you can tell from this Instagram post of her abs at about eight months along, her workout plan was definitley working.

"By keeping up this routine, my muscles stayed intact and as soon as I delivered, muscle memory took over and my body remembered exactly how it used to look like," Cooper said in a blog post. "Amazing how our bodies work, right?"

Two weeks after the arrival of baby number two, Cooper posted this 14-day update, along with a blog post with her top 10 tips for getting your body back after birth, including working out five days a week and taking stroller walks after dinner, drinking tons of water, eating veggies and lean protein, and avoiding refined carbs. (This timeline will guide you through what's going on in your body after giving birth.)

Moral of the story: You can absolutely keep exercising through pregancy, and if you do, it'll be that much easier to bounce back. But that doesn't mean everyone should expect six-pack abs all the way through labor. After all, every woman carries a pregnancy differently. (Just look at this trainer and friend who are only four weeks apart!)


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