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This Pregnant Woman Deadlifted 200 Pounds AFTER Her Due Date


There are tons of benefits to exercising during pregnancy, including an easier labor and a reduced risk of C-section and preeclampsia. (Related: The Ultimate Guide to Running During Pregnancy)

Emily Breeze Watson, a 31-year-old fitness instructor, certainly believes in the benefits of having a fit pregnancy. Watson is making headlines for her hardcore CrossFit WODs as she hit and passed her due date. It's not like she's doing gentle WODs, either: The North Carolina native has been sharing her fit pregnancy on Instagram, where she documented lifting a whopping 155 pounds eight months into her pregnancy. However, it was her 200-pound lift last week—already past her baby's due date—that had people tsk-tsking.

"I never considered giving it [exercise] up," Watson told The Daily Mail. "My body has felt really great. It gives me so much energy, so why would I ever think of stopping?"

While we're seriously impressed by Watson's deadlifting game, it's important to recognize that every woman's body is different—as is the amount of exercise she can handle during pregnancy. There can be a point where you are indeed exercising too much, and symptoms of that can include muscle weakness, dizziness, calf pain and slew of other conditions. In general, though, most experts agree that it's okay to keep up with your pre-pregnancy exercise routine through pregnancy, barring any complications and assuming your go-to workouts don't involve things like bungee-jumping, horseback-riding, or lying on your back.

That means athletes like Watson, who've been deep in training (Watson deadlifted a max of 325 lbs when she wasn't pregnant) for quite some time, can likely still tolerate these types of exercises during pregnancy. Bottom line, though: Pregnancy isn't the time to start new, intense exercises, and be sure to check in with your doctor before moving forward with any fitness plan.