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Beat Your Period

Conquer your monthly cycle with tips to fight cramps, boost your energy, and stay smiling all month long.

Like which type of workout is actually worth crawling out of bed for.

Oh, you didn't realize that, depending where you live, it actually costs you money to get your period every month?'s why it's time for that to change.

A new study says your flow impacts your chances of living to 90...or not.

There's a major knowledge gap going on.

We tried Thinx period panties to see if they could compete with regular feminine hygiene products.

Headlines are swirling around toxic shock syndrome, new birth control methods, and natural techniques to keep your vagina healthy.

Toxic shock syndrome sounds scary—and it can be life-threatening—but there's more to this rare infection than you realize.

When it comes to your period, tampons and pads aren't your only options. TheDivaCup, the leading seller of menstrual cups, saw a 100 percent increase in sales over the last two years. A

Find yourself reaching for that bottle of Aleve every 28 days on the dot? Put it away.

I've recently lost about five pounds, but since starting birth control a few weeks ago I've gained most of it back. I'm really bummed because I feel like all my progress was lost!

Don't sit and stare at your calendar in fear as the week of your period draws near. Here, we give you the tools to make a PMS plan of attack with natural remedies.

There might be no such thing as a dumb question, but there are definitely embarrassing ones.

What has your tampon done for you lately? (Besides the obvious!) The latest crop touts pH-lowering power, sports-level protection, and organic cotton.