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Watch: Exercises That Relieve Arm and Shoulder Pain


Hey, you! Put down that bottle of ibuprofen. There are other ways to help ease that post-workout pain, and they feel much better than popping a pill. Plus, they require just a tiny bit more effort. One of our favorites: Somatic movements.

Haven't heard of them? Somatic movements rely on slow and controlled movements to relax, lengthen, and reduce tension in your muscles. Somatic movements also teach you body control, so you can prevent future pain and injury. Could a pill do that? Didn't think so. Hello, win-win.

Ready to use these movements to relieve arm and shoulder pain? To get you started, we bring you this somatic movements video designed to reduce arm and shoulder pain. It's only 30 minutes long and doesn't require any equipment—so there's no way you can't fit it into your busy schedule. Go ahead and give it a go. (As always, see your doctor if your arm and shoulder pain persists.)

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