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Pain Relief

From over-the-counter medicine to acupuncture, find the best pain relief options for your injury. (You can thank us later!)

Why good backs go bad, what to do if yours starts hurting, and the latest on remedies -- from painkillers to surgery.

Plagued by constant throbbing? You're not alone. Women are three times more likely than men to get migraines, and we're also more prone to tension headaches.

When something hurts, you want a pill that will make it go away now. Our guide helps you figure out which OTC and prescription drugs really work.

If your joints hurt, get in line -- millions of women deal with the pain. But you can stay physically strong, avoid injuries, and even prevent damage with a few simple exercises and our DIY guide.

Treat your feet right and they'll return the favor. Our experts reveal ways to kick the bad habits that can lead to serious foot pain.

That swollen, sore feeling you get in your muscles after a tough workout isn't all bad. Learn the lowdown on the body mechanics at work so you bounce back even stronger.

A real pain in the butt (hamstring, ankle, or shoulder) doesn't have to put your active routine on ice. Here are smarter ways to ease the aches.

Attention, walkers: Those annoying aches that arise as you pile on the miles "are your body's red flags that something needs adjusting," says Katy Bowman, director of the Restorative Exercise Institut

Cramping, nausea, heartburn — when digestive problems pop up midworkout, let's just say that things can get messy in a hurry. Here's how to ease the quease.

For every mile we log, we exert about 200,000 pounds of pressure on each foot. Here's how to injury-proof some of your favorite warm-weather pairs.

When your muscles ache and your feet are sore, an OTC pain pill seems like a logical remedy. But popping the meds like candy can have bitter consequences for your workout and your body.

When your body talks, you usually know what it's saying. But here are six trouble signs that exercisers often overlook — and why you may want to see your doctor about them.

Nothing sabotages your workout like a throbbing headache. Although exercise can cause pain, it can help ease it as well. Learn the surprising connection between the two.

In pain? Got an ache? We find out if pain-relief creams really work.

Do you need physical therapy? Boot camp. Spinning class. Half-marathon training. Sometimes the road to getting fit can leave you wincing on the sidelines.

Stomachaches, nausea, cramps. What you think is just part of being female could actually be a dangerous, debilitating disease.

You've worked hard to get in shape, but suddenly you're feeling more achy than athletic. Prepare for a speedy recovery with our drug-free DIY treatments.