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Pain Relief

From over-the-counter medicine to acupuncture, find the best pain relief options for your injury. (You can thank us later!)

You know that strain in your neck when you do crunches? That's not a good sign.

The trendy alternative therapy may be the answer to your peskiest pain problems.

Make sure none of your supplements contain this potentially deadly ingredient.

If it took a *little* longer than usual to feel like yourself after the long weekend, try these foods to help rehydrate, refuel, and heal your skin before the next beach weekend arrives.

Save yourself from torturous way-below-zero temps.

Muscle twitches cramping your workout style? A shot of a new sports drink takes a different approach to fighting cramps and attacks them at the nerve.

Arnica has been widely touted in the holistic health world for its healing properties. We found out if it's worth trying.

The seven signals that you should skip your next workout in the spirit of recovery.

Muscle soreness can be crippling, whether it's caused by a long run or by a grueling weight room sesh (so. many. stairs). But how sore is too sore? And are there ways to reduce the pain?

Shoulder press have you feeling more achy than usual? Learn how to relieve post-workout pain with movement, not meds.

Baby got lower-back pain? These simple tricks can make life a lot more comfortable.

For anyone who's ever suffered from back pain (80 percent of you will have some type of back problem, according to the American Chiropractic Association), beating it seems like a giant job that only a

From stiff joints to inflammation, dealing with arthritis can be a pain (literally). Luckily, hitting up your doctor for a heavy-duty prescription isn't the only solution.

Every time you exercise, you put microscopic tears in your muscles. That's what's behind that next-day hurts-so-good soreness.

A hangover courtesy of too many tequila shots. Sinus pressure that feels like a semi just ran over your face. Monthly cramps that come like clockwork. Let's face it: aches and pains are inevitable.

Feeling a little creaky in your neck, shoulders, knees, and toes? Oh no! Experts share how your everyday habits cause joint pain — and how to fix it fast.

We're not kidding -- that's really all the time you need to try these soothing, aah-inspiring moves that will ease your back pain.