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10 Things That Suck Less Than Shin Splints

1. Waiting in line at the DMV only to find out that you don't have enough points. What is this, sorority formal?

2. Discovering that your package of Starburst is disproportionately yellow

3. Sitting in rush hour traffic—with nothing good on the radio

4. Not noticing that you accidentally sent a personal Snapchat to your "story"

5. Splitting the bill with your "I only had five fries and you had two glasses of wine" friend

6. Monday morning after a four-hour-long boozy brunch the day before

7. Accidentally liking your ex's new girlfriend's 32-week-old Instagram. Don't bother unliking it. She already saw it. JUST MOVE TO ANOTHER COUNTRY. This one might be worse than shin splints, actually.

8. Hopping on the treadmill, reaching for your hair tie, and coming up empty handed.

9. Forgetting to pack a change of shoes in your gym bag

10. Running into your crush on laundry day

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