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Sports and Workout Injuries

Injuries happen. We have your guide to plantar fasciitis, tennis elbow, shin splints, groin pulls, and more. Plus, how to minimize the risk of injury, and what to do if you pull or strain a muscle.

If you're one of the 31 million Americans suffering from an aching back, consider yoga for back pain (in addition to seeing your doc).

If you're a runner, shin splints are your (occasional) cross to bear.

The knee is the largest joint in the body, says Dr. Scott Weiss, a licensed physical therapist, board-certified athletic trainer, and exercise physiologist.

Think twice about ignoring that lingering ache coming from the back of your arm. If it hasn't gone away in a week, and is instead actually getting worse, you may be a victim of tennis elbow.

When it comes to shin splints, prevention is the best medicine. Unfortunately, new runners sometimes learn this the hard way—after they've already developed the pesky condition.

Charley horse. Also known as the "WTH!?" pain that can seriously cramp your stride at a moment's notice. What the heck causes 'em, and how can you curb the killer seize-ups?

You're stepping up your fitness routine, only to be slowed down by a dull or sharp ache in the back of your foot or bottom of your heel.

Whether you're a novice runner or you're working toward your tenth marathon, chances are you've experienced shin splints at one point or another.

If you've ever experienced the heel hell that is plantar fasciitis, you know that piercing pain in the bottom of your foot can seriously cramp an active girl's style. But what is plantar fasciitis?

Alicia Graf Mack, 35, received a painful health diagnosis that threatened to extinguish the flame for her love of dance.

We're not kidding -- that's really all the time you need to try these soothing, aah-inspiring moves that will ease your back pain.

Why good backs go bad, what to do if yours starts hurting, and the latest on remedies -- from painkillers to surgery.

Pushing yourself too hard, overtraining, bad form — these common exercise mistakes can wreck your routine and your health. Here's how to injury-proof your sweat sessions.

When aches and pains send you to the doctor's office, you probably don't question the diagnosis. But physicians can be wrong.

Running may not be a contact sport, but runners can certainly rack up a slew of injuries. Here, the most common running injuries and how to feel better fast.

If your joints hurt, get in line -- millions of women deal with the pain. But you can stay physically strong, avoid injuries, and even prevent damage with a few simple exercises and our DIY guide.

Are you in a world of pain? You're not alone. Four in five people suffer from an achy, breaky back. Here are the surprising culprits and how to feel better fast.