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5 Simple Ways to Stop Sitting All Day

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    Rethink Your Desk

    "I use an adjustable desk so I can stand or sit whenever I need to. I'll be on my feet half the time on some days, or if I have a day with a lot of meetings, I'll stand for as long as I can when I get back to my office to try to counteract all that sitting. I love it! It has completely taken away the dreaded 2:00 p.m. slump that used to make me reach for the candy jar." —Kara Snyder, 28, a university marketing and events coordinator, Normal, Illinois

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    Use Phone Time in Your Favor

    "I used to sit all day, and then pace around while I was on calls. Now I have a treadmill desk, and because the treadmill is a little loud, I usually do the opposite—walk while I'm typing, then sit for calls just to take a break. On days when I have a ton of calls, I stand for a lot of them. Sometimes I still pace—if it's not a video call!" —Sarah Milstein, 46, the CEO of Lean Startup Productions, Brooklyn

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    Keep Yourself Accountable

    "My Fitbit, which my husband gave me for Christmas, gave me a wake-up call. When I started wearing it, I was shocked at how sedentary I was, even as a FITNESS magazine editor. I'd look at my wrist at 5:00 p.m. and see that I had taken just 2,000 steps the entire day (I should be hitting 10,000). Now I make sure I get up and walk around for five minutes every hour. Some days, I even make work calls while getting in some extra steps. I find it helps me think better, too." —Bethany Gumper, FITNESS senior editor

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    Don't Stand the Whole Day

    "It took me a while to get used to working while standing; it just felt weird. And the first few days, I stood for nearly the whole workday and was dying to sit by the time I got home. Now I sit when I'm writing, and I feel more focused and productive if I stand when I edit or check email. On the days that I sit more, I feel sluggish and want to stand and stretch. Standing is definitely making me feel more energetic." —Lisa Haney, FITNESS senior editor

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    Treat Your Feet

    Plenty of women have the opposite problem of the four ladies above. They don't sit at a desk all day; they have jobs that literally keep them on their toes. If that's you, here's some advice: "I'm on my feet for five to eight hours straight per shift. I wear very thick socks and inserts in my shoes to help cushion my feet. I also switch shoes every few days and soak my feet in Epsom salts when I get home." —Kim O., 45, waitress, Pensacola, Florida