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Energy Boosters

Get moving! Here are the top energy drainers, plus boosters for energizing your daily routines.

Your afternoon pick-me-up doesn't come just from the corner coffee shop anymore. The latest energy boosters are concocted in high-tech labs and promise to give you a whole new kind of lift.

Can't shake the feeling that you're running on empty?

For those times when you just can't seem to kick it into gear, these smart strategies will rev even the crankiest engine fast.

Little daily habits can sap your energy more than you know.

You need high-octane fuel for your action-packed day. Gas up and go with our sunup-to-sundown engine-revving plan.

Boost your energy level and supercharge your life with our feel-better-faster guide, chock-full of the best ways to instantly elevate your diet, your workout, and your get-up-and-go.