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Cold and Flu K-Cups Are Now a Thing

We've officially reached a time where you don't need to wish for a spoonful of sugar to tolerate medicine when you're feeling your worst. If a cold virus or the flu has you down, there's a new way to ease your aches and stuffy symptoms to help you feel human again. Enter...CVS?

The company has just released cold and flu pods that—yes—you can brew in your Keurig machine. Use the daytime one for a non-drowsy way to make it through the day with menthol and green tea flavors. Take the nighttime version with chamomile, lemon, and white tea to power down and kick the cold like you would with NyQuil. (Oh, and try these recipes using matcha tea once you're back in action).


Sure, it might not be as tasty as these delicious coffee recipes, but you can at least set aside that neti pot and make a hot cup of cold cure. The twin pack of day and night versions is $8.49 at and comes with eight pods. Oh, and while you're at it—if you love tea, maximize your sipping benefits with these teas that boost your health.