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Breast Cancer

From breast self-exams and mammograms to how exercise affects your bustline, here's what to know about keeping your breasts healthy.

One of the major risks involved may not be so major after all.

Regular exercise significantly reduces your risk of 13 types of cancer, says new study. *Gets off couch immediately*

Research shows avoiding empty carbs can help you prevent cancer. Here's how to make the advice work for your diet.

"I got nipple tattoos and ditched my bad boyfriend. And that was just the beginning." One woman's brave story.

The Dente family was the picture of health. Liz, 49, and Tom, 48, and their two kids were always on the go—running, biking and playing outside together.

Breast Cancer Awareness month may officially be over, but that doesn't mean the conversation needs to end, too.

To celebrate National Breast Cancer Awareness month, we sifted through the sea of pink beauty loot that came across our desks and picked products and gear guaranteed to make you look good and feel eve

Breast Cancer Awareness month means spreading the word about breast health and encouraging every woman to get checked regularly.

The most interesting stats and figures, plus a few facts that could save your breasts (and your life).

In a world full of breast cancer awareness products, it's hard to tell which ones are legit. Some don't even disclose how much they donate when we buy their pink products.

When Margaret W. Smith -- mother, wife, soldier, and marathoner -- had a double mastectomy at age 29 as a preemptive strike against cancer, she chose not to reconstruct.

Give back as you get a good sweat in. This year's products that support breast cancer awareness run the gamut to help your mind, body, and spirit.

This isn't another scary breast cancer story. Instead it's a guide to your girls — lumps, bumps, weird woes, and all. Get to know the facts to keep your breasts healthy for life.

Our favorite products that benefit breast cancer research.

Some of the best protection against melanoma may come straight from Mother Nature. Discover how the right foods can help keep you healthy.

At 27, Kristin Guinan was fit, active, and strong — and she wanted to stay that way. Her decision to have a double mastectomy to prevent breast cancer became her greatest test of strength.

One month after her 39th birthday, Liora Hess, a bright, spirited medical editor from Atlanta, Georgia, faced the unimaginable: breast cancer.